? Airdrop: Samoy Fan Token Round 1

? Airdrop: Samoy Fan Token Round 1
? Value: $ TBD (to be continue)
? Referral: $ TBD
? 500,000 + 50,000 SAMOY
⏰ 2 minutes

?Start bot : https://t.me/Doggyswapbot?start=r08211861210

? Step-by-step guide:
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? Follow our Twitter page and retweet the pinned post

? Information
?Samoyed Fan Token is the first and unique token in the world for Fan of purebred Samoyed dog – the most beautiful, rare and the most noble dog in the world. The token works completely decentralized, non-profit, allowing buyers to own millions of Samoy token and the price is determined by community with a smart buying and selling mechanism that the more token the owners have, the more value the owners create.

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