What is a blockchain?
Blockchain sounds complicated and it certainly can be, but the basic concept is really simple. Blockchain is a type of database. To understand blockchain, you must first understand what a database is.

A database is a collection of information that is stored electronically in a computer system. The information or data in a database is usually formatted in tabular format to make it easier to find and filter specific information. What’s the difference between using a spreadsheet to store information instead of a database?

Tables are limited to one person or a small group of people so that they can store and access a limited amount of information. In contrast, a database is designed to store significantly more information that can be quickly, easily accessed, filtered, and manipulated by any number of users at the same time. Is.

Large databases accomplish this by hosting data on the servers of powerful computers. This server can sometimes be built using hundreds or thousands of computers so that more than one user needs the processing power and memory needed to access the database at the same time. Although a spreadsheet or database can be accessed by any number of people, it is often owned by a nominee and the company operates on how they work and It has complete control over the existing data.

So how is a blockchain different from a database?

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