?Gabbs Protocol – @Airdrop?

? Airdrop: Gabbs Protocol
? Value: $ 150
? Referral: $ 5
? Tokens: 30,000 + 1000
? End Date: 21 May 2021
? Distribution Date: after private-sale and public sale

Talk with the telegram bot (https://t.me/Gabbsprotocolbot?start=r03376167130)

? Step-by-step guide:
? Join our Telegram Chat
(https://t.me/Gabbsprotocol)?️ Join Our telegram Channel (https://t.me/Gabbsprotocol_ann)
? Follow our Twitter (http://twitter.com/Gabbsprotocol) page and retweet the post tagging 3 friends
? Must refer up to 3 people to be eligible to claim rewards.

? Information
Gabbs protocol is a revolutionary digital Payment System and its aiming to enables you to transfer, borrow, send, receive and trade in any fiat currency, anywhere.

More info ?
Website: www.gabbsprotocol.com
WHITE PAPER: https://gabbsprotocol.com/GabbsProtocol.pdf

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