?Asperise- @Airdrop?

? Airdrop: Asperise
? Value: $ 1
? Referral: $ 0.1 (max 500)
? Tokens: 175,000 + 17,500
? End Date: 30 June 2021
? Distribution Date: 1 July 2021

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? Information
ASPERiSE – “Rise to the stars through hardships!”
A token to incentivise a savings culture across the world.
Save money every time you make an expense.
Stash spare cash, small change and other crypto bits into Asperise.
HODL and watch your tokens grow.
Simple, convenient and accessible savings token!

More info ?
WEBSITE: https://www.asperise.com
WHITE PAPER: https://www.asperise.com/documents/Asperise.pdf


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