What do you do when the mouse keeps disconnecting in Windows 10?


Are you using a wired, USB, or wireless Bluetooth mouse, but it accidentally disconnects and reconnects? Then you ask: Why was the mouse separated? How can I stop losing connection with the mouse? MiniTool will now give you the answers in this post and you can easily solve the problem of disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse.

Mouse keeps disconnecting & reconnecting in Windows 10

When using a computer, the mouse is an important part of keeping your computer running well. You will use a wired mouse, a USB mouse, a wireless mouse, and a Bluetooth mouse. However, the mouse will always misfire, for example, the mouse will continue to lag and freeze – these two cases were mentioned in our previous articles.

You may also find another situation – the mouse may be accidentally disconnected in Windows 10. This is the topic we are discussing today. This problem has been confirmed to occur in mice still using the old USB and the new USB format using the PS/2 port. It can also occur on a wired or wireless Bluetooth mouse.

Why is the mouse separated? This can happen due to mouse hardware detection, USB hanging of HID devices, old or damaged drive, Windows 10 malfunction, and more. Now we move on to solving the problem in these respects.

Solution 1: Check for hardware problems

Before trying other fixes, you should make the necessary checks.

If the mouse is connected to the wrong USB port, it is possible that the mouse was accidentally disconnected. So, to make sure the problem is turned off, turn it off and connect it to another port.
You can also connect the mouse to another computer. If a problem also occurs, then the mouse is clearly damaged and you need to buy a new one. If it does not appear, the problem may be with Windows, then follow the steps below to start the repair.

Solution 2: Select USB to turn off the shutdown

In Windows 10, turning off the USB is very useful if you want to save power. However, disconnection from external devices has been known to cause problems. So you need to turn it off to get rid of the mouse and disconnect it.

Type powercfg.cpl in the Run dialog box that opens by pressing Win + R, then press Enter to open the Power Options interface.
Go to your current power plan and select Change plan settings.
In the new window, click the link to change advanced power settings.
Find and expand USB Settings, expand USB Select Hold Settings, and set it to DISABLED.
Click Apply and OK for the change to take effect.

Solution 3: Change USB Power Management Settings

To save power, Windows has a useful feature that can turn off unused devices. Sometimes, some USB devices may go wrong, for example, the USB mouse will be disconnected. Quick fix – Disable USB Root Hub power management settings.

How do I do it:

  1. In Windows 10, right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager.
  1. Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, double-click the device to open the Properties window, click the Power Management tab, select the next box, and allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
  2. Click OK and the mouse should not be accidentally disconnected.