Taimoor Moosani
Founder & CEO

I am a creative and transforming today’s workforce through the power of creativity and digitalization and the interest in using digital technology to change business models and provide opportunities to generate new revenue and value. As a digital educator, I believe that everyone is creative in nature and that creativity can be used to promote personal and professional change. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tech Digital Era .., the use of digital technology enhancing an advance level of understanding is part of the process by which physical information in society is transformed into a set of digital data. by using humanly as a means of work, and of course this makes it easier to manage themselves in a more efficient manner.
I intend to have a positive impact on the world beyond the age of digital technology.
I am a leader and certified by developing the skills to drive critical business decisions and craft successful strategy in Tech Digital Era.., but also DC Tech, Startup Weekend and Coach Diversity Institute in progress for newbies.
I personally preferred people a Professional Diversity Coaching (CPDC). Driven by me lifelong love of knowledge, I am also a co-professor at the Virtual University of Business Analysis.
I teach entrepreneurship and leadership classes. In addition to Tech Digital Era ..

Beside, I’m a country GM of digital marketing and sales, through facilitating businesses with many dimensions by reaching consumers using the Internet, mobile devices, social networks, search engines, and other channels. Some marketers see digital marketing as a whole new effort that requires new ways to approach customers and new ways to understand customer behavior compared to traditional marketing. I hold MBA degree from Coventry University from United Kingdom.